We Are Sotex

It’s simple.

A Way of Life

SoTex is a way of life celebrating the local spirit that makes Texas uniquely Texas. We believe that Texans have a sense of pride and community unlike any other and our values and traditions make us who we are. We love the people, food, music, arts, businesses, brands, weather, and way of life that can only be found here.

Giving Back

Giving Back is the foundation which SoTex was built. We want to Give Back to the local communities across our great state by promoting the people, organizations, charities, businesses, and causes that do their part to improve life for those in need.

Our Story

We strive to do this by proving a platform for like-minded people to share their Texas Pride and what they love most about Texas through the sharing of stories, ideas, causes, experiences, and positive vibes while giving back and showing our southern hospitality in SoTex Style

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101 Ridge Trail
San Antonio, TX  78232